Stompers Oxford GL0100 X CSA & ESR Certified


Stompers GL0100 X CSA OXFORD:



CSA certified grade 1 steel toe and full length puncture resistant sole plate

- This Oxford is the lightest Stomper in our line-up and has both CSA & ESR certification

ESR Certified to provide impedance to any electrical discharge attempting to travel through the sole into the foot bed thus into your feet

- The Direct injected Polyurethane(PU) midsole absorbs much of the force during the heel strike greatly reducing that jarring impact on your knees, hips and especially the back.  The TPU outsole or skin is very long wearing yet extremely flexible with a high coefficient of friction reducing slips and falls even when something like oil or grease is on the floor. 

- Black Water buffalo leather upper is quite durable as well increasing the shoe's life span

- The complete Cambrelle Lining not only wicks moisture away from your foot it also increases the Oxfords life span by resisting abrasion 

- Thermo Plastic counter which won't soften even when wet

- The removable PU insoles with a Cambrelle covering keeps your feet dry by wicking away moisture 

- Our Oxford offers you all the protection you need below the ankle while being lighter and much cooler than it's big brother's the Boot.  
Perfect for your job site that requires a CSA Green Triangle such as commercial kitchens, factories, warehouses, active construction zones and it's comfortable enough 
to wear in the office.


Available in mens sizes 7 to 13 in EE width (no size 11.5)

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