Viberg 200X CSA Steel Toe Woodsman


The CSA Approved model of our popular rubber bottomed caulk boot with an all leather 7 oz full grain upper.  Unofficially known as the "half & half".  From ankle height up it features everything that makes our leather caulk boots famous plus a CSA grade 1 certified steel toe in the durable waterproof rubber bottom.

- This 12" tall boot has a completely waterproof rubber bottom which is glued and triple lock stitched to our leather top providing all the comfort, support & fit that of our famous all leather caulk boots provide

- The leather top is a Black 7 oz full grain upper made from the exact same durable leather that we use in our famous all leather caulk boots

- CSA Grade 1 certification includes both impact toe resistance and sole puncture resistance 

- Heavy duty, waterproof, long wearing, durable and completely replaceable is the rubber bottom 

- We use only the best Champ® screw-in caulks which are completely replaceable

- Using only solid brass stud hooks and brass eyelets just like we use in our famous all leather caulk boots


Available in mens whole sizes 5 to 14.   


For extra warmth and comfort we suggest a Radiant Tex Liner or Bama Sockett


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