Viberg 55 XV "Foreman" CSA Vibram Lug Sole & Heel


At only 6” tall this boot may seem unassuming but don't let its small stature fool you it's a strong heavy duty workboot.  The Foreman Lug is a work horse well more like a work pony.  Strong and durable we make this boot with the same components as it's taller 9" brother the 151X.  With black 7-oz full grain oiltan water resistant cowhide, double leather vamps, solid brass eyelets, 9 iron leather insoles and leather counters with an 11 iron leather midsole with arch support being maintained by a hardwood corrosion resistant shank.

CSA approved with grade 1 steel toe & an oil resistant Vibram® 100 Lug sole and heel.

Like all other Nailed Construction Viberg work boots, we passed CSA puncture tests without any steel plate or shank.  Now that's badass 

Inventory mostly available in men's size 6 to 15 in EE width with a few sizes in 4E widths also available now

If we're out of your size and/or width let us know.  

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