Made in Canada: Local support for small businesses

Made in Canada: Local support for small businesses

When we needed a Viberg Boot sign made, we looked at several places to find someone who could offer a natural product that would reflect our history on Canada's Pacific coast.

Viberg Boot sign, live edge, natural wood


Because we want to support other local small businesses, we settled on Douglas Signs; a company with an equally rich history in Victoria BC who understood what we were looking for.

It was a pleasant surprise when we went to their office and saw that the staff were wearing Viberg work boots, with a pair of Stompers under the desk as a back-up. The owner, Brett, graciously allowed me to watch him work and take a few photos along the way.

Viberg Contractor work boots

His attention to detail was evident right away. While the machine was carving our live-edge slab, he continually checked it to make sure it was making clean cuts and fine edges. 

Viberg Boot live edge wood sign

 Viberg Boot sign sanding

At the half-way point, feeling good about how things look so far

Viberg Work Boot sign a job well done

Brett also suggested adding these hand-textured brackets with square-cut nails to give it some added character.

Viberg Boots sign hardware

Viberg Boot sign hardware

The arrowhead flourish really suits this version of our logo.

Viberg Boot sign hardware

We focus on quality with our work boots too, and we're happy to see that Brett is comfortable in his Vibergs, whatever the day might bring.

Viberg Work Boots new sign

Brett has been wearing these Contractor work boots for a few years now. He says they provide great support when standing on concrete all day. A big benefit of our all-leather construction is the support that leather midsoles provide. They conform to the foot over time so the boots become very comfortable, yet they keep their strength and support.

Viberg Contractor Work Boots

Brett and Dan, showing off the finished product after all their hard work.

Viberg Work Boot new wood sign

We're very happy with how this sign turned out. The carving helps showcase the wood grain, and the hint of gold in the outline gives a little extra definition.

We are glad we could support their small business, and pleased to see that they also support ours. There are so many Canadians across the country making great products, who are dedicated to producing a high quality item. So be sure to watch for that "Made in Canada" label!

Viberg Boot Made in Canada Label


Thanks to Brett, Kirby and Daniel at Douglas Signs for allowing me to observe this process.

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  • Hunter

    Beauty sign! Great to see neighbours supporting neighbours with hard work and quality Canadian goods.

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