Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right boots to suit your needs can be challenging. Here are some of the questions we are asked regularly about our Viberg work boots.

Does Viberg make boots for women?

Absolutely! Viberg makes all their boots in the Victoria, BC factory, and can make most boots to your requested size and width. Although all styles are sized in UK mens sizes, they can be made as small as size 4, which converts to a US ladies size 6.5, and in widths ranging from AA – 4E.

Why don't you have my size in stock?

Viberg wants you to have a perfect fit for your boots, so instead of keeping a large inventory of random sizes, we make many of our boots on demand. Send in your measurements and receive a pair of boots that is exactly the right size for you, freshly made in our factory!

How can I find out what size to order?

We have a size chart available, but our boot experts are happy to help you confirm your size. Just follow the instructions to fill out the measurements sheet and send it to the store for review. During store hours, we generally answer all queries within an hour.

Can I customize my boot order?

Yes! We offer several different customization options, although some of these may be restricted on CSA-certified work boots. Some easy changes are to the leather or the sole. 

Customizations that can be made at no added cost:

  • Change leather colour – all work boots can be made in black, brown or red dog leather
  • Change sole – Most boots offer the Vibram 1276 Sierra or the V100 lug sole, but we also offer:
    • Vibram V700 Tygum sole
    • Vibram Olympia sole
    • Stompers ironworker wedge sole
  • Change eyelet and speed hook colour, or choose all eyelets.

Some customizations that do carry a cost include:

  • Two-tone leather upper
  • Add scuff pads, toe caps or blaster’s patches
  • Add shovel guards
  • Add bump toe or apply Tuff Toe
  • Include a steel toe (non-CSA)
  • Mismatched sizes/widths, height increases/decreases or add notches

    Contact the store for a quote on the cost of adding any of the above to your boot order.