The best work boot for those tough to fit feet

The best work boot for those tough to fit feet

You know what it's like. You try your best to find a new pair of work boots, but nothing seems to fit right.

Dan at work in Rigger work boots

Meet Dan.

Trained in Industrial Design, Dan works for Bon Constructors, a restoration company that does everything from fine finishing work to full revitalization projects like this one. Like any good contractor, these folks know the importance of a good fit.

Using the jackhammer in Rigger work boots

We've all heard the adage "measure twice and cut once", and this eye towards the detail work is what sets a great worker apart from an average one. At Viberg, we pay attention to the details, because we want our customers to have the best. 

Dan walking on the scaffolding in his Rigger work boots

On a busy job site with many tripping hazards and uneven ground, a well-fitting boot can mean the difference between an okay day and a great day. Nobody wants a sprained ankle -- or worse -- and a great work boot can offer that leg-up towards a safer work place.

Enter the Rigger lace-to-toe boot.

Viberg Rigger lace-to-toe boot

The lace-to-toe design of the Rigger gives it a versatile range, offering more comfort to those with a high instep or who need an orthotic. It can be tightened or loosened where needed, and unlaces to a wide aperture that makes it easier to get on or off when wearing thick work socks. The Vibram Sierra sole provides excellent traction and stability on uneven terrain, and flexes with the foot for all-day comfort.

 So next time you're shopping for work boots, take a look at the Rigger. It's a great boot for those tough to fit feet.

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