The Casual Romeo: Weekend Warrior

The Casual Romeo: Weekend Warrior

It's Friday late afternoon, the final whistle of the day blows, you can put down your tools for another well earned few days off. 

Time to order some takeout, get on your sweatpants, and play video games for 40 straight hours. Right?


Yeah- that sounds horrible to us too. 

Benjamin Franklin summed it up best, when he said: "Does thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of"


Your work ethic, that sense of pride and accomplishment of a job well conquered, that can't be turned off just because it's Saturday. 

Now's the time to climb that mountain, finish that deck, restore that sailboat (hell, maybe you should actually sail the thing!)


You trust Stompers from Monday to Friday to get someone else's work done- so you know you can trust on us for the important work at home too. 

But, you may not need the 12 inch tall, caulk spiked sole, heavy duty bison boot on your schooner's foredeck.


Take a look at the Romeo Casual boots, built tough to keep up with your day, and still good looking enough to take your girl out afterward, to celebrate another job well done. 


Cheers Alasdair, for having us out for a sail!

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