The Purcell Boot: A new classic

The Purcell Boot: A new classic

In a world full of cheap Swedish big box and novelty furniture- more and more of us are turning back to the simplicity and quality of joinery built by a local craftsman.


That's an attitude we deeply appreciate at Viberg. If you can't do it yourself, hire someone you can shake hands with. Someone who understands that the quality of work he brings you, is a reflection of himself and his values.


The Purcell boot from Stompers is exactly that. A simple reflection of the care and expertise we have for work boots. It sheds the unnecessary elements from other inexpensive boots, while still meeting you in every expectation of quality.


Full grain leather, a comfortable sole, a bump toe for an added layer of durability in the most abused areas, and a waterproof liner to keep you warm and comfortable in all seasons.


Simple, durable. Something we're proud to pass on to you, and backed as always by the Stompers Commitment.



  • NFD

    Some of us and now these days, even more of us have smaller sized feet and as a woman in the trades I work very hard and need boots that aren’t a “women’s” version of the boot; I need the same boot in a smaller size.
    Viberg, be the pioneer that I have to be every day. Support my feet, support my way of life. Please and thanks.

  • Alphonsus Wynston-Thurston

    This boots is wonderful, and I will like to have one please thanks.

  • J koury

    Just bought a pair of stompers.
    Very impressed with quality and comfort.

    Viberg did a good job choosing off shore manufacturing facilities.

    Would recommend to all.

  • Buck

    Nice looking construction, very sturdy.

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