The Purcell Boot: for putting in the hard yards.

The Purcell Boot: for putting in the hard yards.


We're always inspired by people taking their passion- and finding a way to make a living at it. Tommy, who we met playing for the local Velox Valhallians rugby club, is definitely one of those guys.


A transplant from New Zealand only a few short years ago- Tommy knew he wanted a career travelling the world, playing rugby.

Now, thats easier said than done. But, a common thread in most of us willing to lace up the boots and put in the hard yards on the pitch every weekend: is a clydesdale like work ethic, and a need to find a way. 


So Tommy took his trade in fabrication- and brought it to Canada. Where a few local clubs sponsored him to work building scrum machines and playing on the weekends.

Not your 'traditional' pro-contract, but that doesn't matter when you're passionate about what you're doing, and proud of the work coming out of your shop. 


So, having a drink in the clubhouse after a match, when we heard his work boots had seen some better days- we didn't think twice about hooking our Kiwi brother up with our Purcell boot. 


Like him, they're a bit of a twist on the traditional. The Purcell is ready to tackle whatever is going to have a run at it, but these boots are built with the hard yards in mind. They won't let up until the final whistle of the day, just like Tommy.


(even if he does play fullback.)


Cheers, Tommy!

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