The Redwood Boot: Built for the challenge.

The Redwood Boot: Built for the challenge.

Part of the trade off for living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest is knowing any plans you think you've made, can change with the weather in a split second.

That doesn't really fly when you need to get work done.


So- when our buddy Parker needed some new workboots, the biggest requirement was just making sure they could keep up with him. I pulled him out a pair of Redwoods.

Because Parker doesn't take days off.

He's taken the pride and work ethic he picked up in the military, and applied it to his new career as a carpenter. The walls of this new home are going up, regardless of the downpour we were hit with the day we planned to meet up.


Stompers boots are designed by Viberg MFG. We have over eighty years of experience building industrial footwear, for men and women, who count on us to make boots they can lace up in the morning, and forget about for the rest of the day. If you wear our boots, you know they can handle whatever you take on.

That's why guys like Parker and us are a perfect fit. We both have pride in the things we've built, we're up for whatever new challenge is thrown at us, and as far as mud, wind and rain is concerned:

We're in our element.

Cheers, Parker!

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