The Smokejumper boot: Built to overcome.

The Smokejumper boot: Built to overcome.

Cameron put in quite a few years braving the burning wilderness of British Columbia during the height of wildfire season. We're incredibly grateful of men and women like him who put their lives on the line to protect our province, and very proud that guys like Cam have trusted Viberg to see them through safely.


His Smokejumpers from Viberg MFG have literally been through hell and back. Dropped in by helicopters, beyond the border of civilization, faced with a steadily creeping wall of flame, armed with little more than a few hand tools and a complete disregard for personal safety.


Though Cam has put away his axe, stepping aside for the new generation of brave (and arguably insane) wildfire fighters, and begun a career in professional rugby: at no point did he think of 'hanging up his boots'.


 The over 500 CAD price tag on a pair of Smokejumpers can dissuade a casual shopper from a pair of our handmade work boots, but rarely does it give a firefighter pause. Those of us in a lifetime career, be it fighting wildfires, logging, timber-framing or any other noble trade; we understand the need for the quality of a dependable, expertly built work boot.


Cam's boots have found new purpose during hunting season, and even after years spent on the front lines of wildfires, they're performing better than the dozen or so 'tactical' sport brand's we overtook during our annual pre-season glassing trip.


Nearly waterproof thanks to his diligent care and application of protectant, proven to be capable of days on end in the most ridiculous conditions; short of being left directly in a campfire, there's almost nothing these boots weren't built to overcome.


Cheers Cam, and to everyone else fighting the wildfire's today, for your service.



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