Viberg's Contractor Boot: A history of dedicated craftsmanship.

Viberg's Contractor Boot: A history of dedicated craftsmanship.

Cam has been a metal worker since he graduated school. His parents' neighbour owned a sheet metal business, and offered him an apprenticeship in the summer to make some bucks- and since then its been a quiet history of dedication to his craft.

Its almost therapeutic watching him work, its a blend of surgical intelligence and precision combined with an almost artistic flow. This only comes with decades of daily practice, something few people commit themselves to these days.


Its no coincidence why Cam chose a pair of Contractor's boots (with a bump toe) from Viberg. We've been making the world's best industrial footwear, by hand, in Canada, since 1931. The Viberg family has dedicated over 80 years of their family history to this craft.

Roughly, only about 40 boots make it through our factory a day, and what might seem like a small operation to some- we think the commitment to taking the time and doing it the right way, is the biggest impact someone can have, right now.


There's no debate- the effort shows. 

We love supporting guys like Cam, and like you, who understand that 10,000 hours is just a scratch on the surface. 


Guys who understand that, even though likely nobody will ever see the full extent and quality of your work, the perfectly cut and worked sheet metal, or the inner construction of a Viberg workboot; the pride of your work is enough, and neither of us will stop chasing perfection in it.


Cheers, Cam!


  • Cam Meads

    I’m very happy with my purchase of Viberg boots! They are exactly what I was looking for in comfort and durability. I highly recommend these boots for any construction worker, you just can’t find a better boot out there. These boots are by far the best investment I’ve ever made.
    Big thanks to Eric and Duncan.

  • Gabrielle

    Love Cam’s boots! And his smile 😍

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