Tricouni 10" Caulk Boot

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10" Black Buffalo Upper, Leather Screw Caulk Sole, Toe Plate & Hobs

Viberg has taken their most popular logging boot ever made, the Bison, and added Tricouni Edge Nails to the sole and heel. This boot is at home for work in landing and rigging sites or any other extreme environment. Viberg designed water buffalo upper with snag proof seams, steel toe plate and a tight fitting caulk & hobnail pattern custom made to handle 10 tricouni edge nails on each foot (4 in the heel and 6 in the ball).

  • 10" Black 8-oz full grain water-buffalo upper with double leather vamps.
  • Snag proof solid-brass stud hooks and brass eyelets.
  • 10 iron leather insoles & 8 iron leather counters that form fit during wear-in.
  • Double thickness Portuguese loggers oak midsole & outsole.
  • Heavy Duty Harware:
        • Stainless steel receptacles.
        • Stainless steel CHAMP screw-in caulks.
        • Large iron hobnails line the sole & heel.
        • 16-gauge steel toeplates..
  • Additional heavy-duty hardware only available on this model in the form of Tricouni edge nails which not only extend the service life of the boot but also the life of the wearer by providing added traction.

This boot can be made on demand. Please contact us if your size is out of stock.

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