Viberg 50 Lite Duty


The Viberg 50 'Lite Duty' is a 9" caulk boot designed to be more economical yet still long lasting. This lighter boot is ideal for log scaling, tree planting and the silvi-culture industry just to mention a few.  Still manufactured using nailed construction 


- 9" Black 7-oz. full grain water buffalo upper stock with double leather vamps

- Solid brass eyelets & solid brass stud hooks.

- Hard fiber-based box toe (not a safety-toe) just like all plain toe work boots we make

- 10 iron leather mid-sole with a 9 iron leather insole.

- The stainless receptacles manufactured by CHAMP just like our Viberg Caulks

- The 7 mm Topy Neoprene outsole is very tough and long lasting yet flexible making it easier to walk in.  This flexibility comes even more important as you walk up hill and over other challenging terrain.


Carried in men's sizes 5 to 14 in ONLY EE width

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