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Extinguisher Fire Boots Black #5020

The 5020 Extinguisher WLF is Zamberlan's first ever Wildland Firefighting boot designed from the ground-up to be built for the rigors of today's Wildland Firefighter. The Extinguisher is remarkably lightweight, extremely comfortable, and completely fire-resistant.

In particular, the 8" tall Extinguisher is designed to prevent sole delamination, the most common and serious problem for Wildland Firefighting boots. While experts at Norwegian Welting, Zamberlan knows that a Norwegian Welt will not work for WLF applications and so designed the Extinguisher with a stitched sole that cannot delaminate.

Features include:

  • Vibram Tsavo fire-resistant outsoles are made with Vibram's premium rubber compound for wildland firefighting applications. These all-rubber outsoles, while heavier than PU-hybrid outsoles used on other Zamberlan models, embody the extreme durability required for WLF applications.
  • Outsoles are applied with fire-resistant cement and also side-stitched to eliminate the possibility of sole delamination, common with all other Wildland Firefighting boots on the market
  • Outsole treads are rugged and built for a variety of mountain terrain.
  • 8" boot height.
  • Zamberlan Hydrobloc Perwanger split-grain leather uppers are naturally fire resistant and also serve to reduce the weight of the total weight of the boot. Leathers are pre-treated using Zamberlan's proprietary Hydrobloc technology. Highly specialized Italian Perwanger leathers are among the most durable in the industry.
  • Nomex fabrics are used on the upper as they are fire resistant and contribute to greatly reducing the overall weight of the boo.t
  • Fire resistant laces and stitching throughout the boot contribute to reducing the probability of boot failure.
  • The Zamberlan Flex 4mm midsole, made of polypropylene, is the same as used in our backpacking collection granting the correct level of stiffness to allow for maximum performance when carrying heavy loads and operating on the mountain. However, the boot does flex and does so to be comfortable to the wearer.
  • Similar to models in our backpacking line, the Extinguisher is "out of the box" comfortable.
  • The Extinguisher is lasted for a precise yet comfortable fit using Zamberlan's famous ZBPK last, the same as in the highly regarded 996 Vioz GTX. This allows for maximum sensitivity, greater performance, and enduring comfort during long days on the mountain and is time-tested and proven as one of the very best fits in the industry.
  • The boots are lined with a polyester mesh fabric to allow for maximum breathability in hot environments.
  • This product is not resolable due to the side-stitching sole application system.

Style #5020BKM

🇮🇹 Made in Italy