Join us to support the CWFS in their conservation efforts

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We appreciate the work that the Central Westcoast Forest Society does to help restore our waterways and wildlands. The beauty of our island is priceless, and the wildlife is precious to us. We have shown our support through boot donations and other considerations. Now we want YOU to join in as our partner to help support the CWFS in their conservation efforts!

We have identified the style 45 Hunter boots as ideal for the pacific northwest rainforest trails, and the 45SC Chokerman boot with the caulked sole for those stalwart souls who blaze their own trail. We've chosen these two styles to use in support of the CWFS.

Our gift to you

Order a pair of Viberg 45 Hunters or 45SC Chokermans, and add the item "CWFS Donation" to your order for an extra penny. In return for your penny, we'll give you a 10% discount (approx. $50) off your boots.

Help it grow

For every pair of these two styles sold together with the CWFS Donation item, Viberg Boot will donate $100 back to our friends at CWFS.

How it works

  1. Choose your preferred version of the style 45 boot. The 45 Hunter has our standard Sierra sole. The 45SC Chokerman has a caulked neoprene sole.
  2. Add the item CWFS Donation to your cart before checkout. This will only add one penny to your purchase.
  3. Adding the donation item will automatically apply the 10% discount to your Hunter or Chokerman boots.
  4. Complete your sale, and pat yourself on the back for helping this charitable organization!

What else you should know

Viberg Boot manufactures high-quality work boots using traditional all-leather construction techniques. Because of this, Viberg boots are known to last years, and yes even decades if well cared for.

All Viberg work boots are built in UK sizes. Please keep this in mind when choosing your boots. Generally the UK size will be a full size down from your usual US size, but to be absolutely certain it's best to measure your feet and let the experts in our store help you choose the proper size. These boots are a long-term investment, let's make sure they're the best possible fit! You can download measuring instructions here.

We may not have stock available in your size on the webstore. Don't worry! Give us a call or send a note, and we will make a new pair especially for you! There is no extra charge for having a pair of boots made on demand, but be patient - it takes a little time.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer but prefer a different style of boots, please feel free to ask us. Depending on the boot you want, we may be able to extend this offer to your preferred pair.

What is CWFS?

Haven't heard of CWFS before? The Central Westcoast Forest Society is a registered charity who have been working since 1995 to help restore the local salmon habitats in the Clayquot sound area of Vancouver Island. Past industry practices in the area resulted in significant damage to many salmon bearing watersheds and this loss of habitat has played a major role in the decline of Clayoquot sound salmon stocks. CWFS works to restore damaged rivers and watersheds to rebuild habitat and help foster the recovery of local wild salmon populations. Some of the organization's work includes stabilizing stream banks against landslides, planting trees, building log jams as salmon habitats and placing clean spawning gravel, all while promoting the conservation of wild salmon through education and stewardship. Find them online at or visit their non-profit shop at 283 Main St, Ucluelet, BC.

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