The Lineman boot: Viberg's heritage of innovation

The Lineman boot: Viberg's heritage of innovation

Viberg has been making boots in Canada since 1931, and a good portion of that history has been spent here in British Columbia, in the heart of the forestry industry.

We made a name for ourselves building the boots that no logger or forestry worker would head into the bush without. Famously pioneering the caulk (pronounced 'cork') boot, in over a half dozen innovating ways to take on whatever terrain the wild Pacific Northwest would throw at you. 

So when the trade evolved from massive pull saws, and the crash of ancient giants falling from their cut roots to the forest floor; into a more precise method of scaling trees in harnesses and then surgically parcelling out the task from the daunting canopies. Well, we knew there should be a Viberg specifically for this new era.


Enter the Lineman.

Our most popular boot, the Contractor boot, already an incredibly rugged and durable boot. Able to take on most tasks without a second thought, it was the perfect base to  build from.


From there- we added an extra layer of leather to the vamps for durability and to reduce wear from climbing spurs.

We designed a single piece, rough out, toe cap that travels from the toe up the inner laces, to properly handle the grind of bark while you scale up and down. 

Two '12 iron' leather midsoles, on top of the standard '10 iron' midsole, so you can sit in the canopy comfortably for hours without flexing in your boots.


 Let's not mince words. The Lineman boots from Viberg are going to make you feel like King Kong mixed with the Sasquatch ( the King 'Squatch, if you will).


While Viberg is known today as a Canadian manufacturer of the highest quality, handmade work boots available, our roots are in that of constant innovation. We've meticulously thought about every obstacle you're going to encounter in your day, and we made damn sure your boots aren't going to hold you back.

A value we've carried forward to our line of Stompers boots.


Cheers, Lewy! For having us out, and showing us how to properly climb a tree.



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