The Romeo Safety: aged timelessly.

The Romeo Safety: aged timelessly.

We pride ourselves on constantly pushing and testing new technology in industrial footwear. In fact- its part of our Stompers Commitment to you.

But, there are some things you just can't improve on. After 80 years in the business of making the world's best work boots, that's something Viberg MFG understands very well.

Nicole understands that too- she's the head brewer at the Victoria Caledonian brewery and distillery, but more recently she has been getting her hands dirty and learning the craft of distilling whisky.

There's a bit of a parallel between us there. We both exist in industries where modern science and technologies have to coexist with centuries of craft techniques and learned artistry that only comes with time and trial and error.

Our Romeo boot is a style most people recognize right away. But few probably know Chelsea style boots were first made popular in the early 1800s. Its easy to see why: they're clean, comfortable, and look damned good on just about anyone.

But the Stompers version is just a little different. The Romeo has a CSA Grade 1 steel toe and a kevlar lenzi sole plate. Not to mention an anti-fatigue polyurethane insole with durable anti-microbial mesh top layer, or it's aggressive Baxter thermoplastic polyurethane tread pattern. Direct injected, of course.


Just like Nicole, we're bringing something modern to a classic formula. Pushing on the ceiling of our trade's heritage, but not losing sight of it's foundations.


Cheers, Nicole!

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