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Chokerman 10" Caulk Boot

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45SC Chokerman Caulk Boots

10" Black Buffalo Upper, Neoprene Screw Caulk, Polyurethane Cushion Springheel

The Chokerman is a lighter-weight boot that provides maximum flexibility and comfort. Your back and knees will benefit from the cushioned springheel wedge that helps tame even the rockiest terrain. Zinc coated double ribbed steel shank maintains arch support while minimizing torsional rigidity.


  • Black 7-oz. full grain water buffalo upper leather
  • Double leather vamps
  • Full snag proof seams
  • Hard toes
  • Solid brass stud hooks and eyelets
  • 9 iron leather insoles
  • Leather counters
  • 8 iron leather midsoles
  • Topy neoprene outsoles with VibergĀ® receptacles and screw-in caulks

šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦Made in Canada

ļ»æAvailable in sizes 4 - 15, in AA, B, D, EE, & 4E widths.
Viberg work boots use UK sizes. Find the correct size using our

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