Lineman 9" CSA Safety Boot

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75X Lineman CSA Work Boots with Scuff Pad

9" Black Oiltan, 3 Ply Vibram Lug & Sole, Toe Cap & Scuff Pad, CSA approved

The Lineman boot, developed by Viberg, starts with the upper of our most popular work boot, the Contractor Safety, then it has our ground breaking one-piece unit toecap and scuff pad added into place. Then a second midsole is added to prevent any chance of midsole bending or flexing while climbing up poles even for hours. The result is our Lineman triple soled boot which packs a thickness of over 1" making it hands down the King Kong of lineman boots.


  • Black 8 oz full grain oil tanned cowhide upper stock.
  • CSA Grade 1 Certification steel toe.
  • Double leather vamps with a one piece triple stitched rough out toe-cap & scuff pad.
  • Industry leading triple soled boot bonded together with urethane based thermal activated glues & dozens of rust & rot resistant brass nails.
  • Solid brass eyelets and stud hooks.
  • Heavy duty 9 iron leather counters provide the much needed support to keep both you and this boot alive and kicking for years to come
  • A 10 iron leather insole plus two hearty 12 iron leather mid-soles join together to make this triple soled boot comfortably stiff even when your up a pole for hours.
  • Vibram Oil resistant #100 Lug sole and heel with a leather heel base topping off this industry Goliath.


This boot can be made on demand, please contact us if your size is out of stock.

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